It’s been a good week for ticking off events. After Sunday’s archery, I went to the pool this morning to complete the two breaststroke events finally. I thought I’d already completed one of these last year, only to discover that 50m is not an Olympic distance for breaststroke. So my plan this morning was to do both the 100m and 200m. I started with the shorter distance as it’s been a month since I’ve swum. So I strapped on my Garmin and pressed go. The first length was a bit quick, but I eventually settled into a comfortable pace, and crucially my breathing was good and I managed to avoid swallowing loads of water which is the thing which normally disrupts me and makes me splutter to a halt. My eventual time was 3:02, some way outside the current world record of 00:55.61, but I made it. So after a short break, I had a go at 200m. surprisingly, this was also not a problem and I happily kept going, clocking a time of 6:26 (current world record 2:07.01). so two events achieved in fifteen minutes. This swimming lark is easy….

It was a little more difficult today though in comparison with my lessons, as I had to battle with other swimmers for space, as opposed to the normal three swimmers for half the pool that I’m used to. Inevitably this slowed me down a bit, but I’m not in a position to pick and choose really – besides, it’s not significant at the speed I’m going! I also need to work on my turns as these are taking a ridiculous amount of time. I feel like a lorry turning at the moment, and think they are probably adding 3 seconds per length. Looking at the data from my watch – which seems like overkill given my ability – I’m curious about SWOLF, which the Garmin website tells me is a combination of the terms swimming and¬†golf. It’s calculated by adding the time for a length and the number of stroked taken, and a lower score is better (like golf). There’s some more information here. So given I’m in a 25m pool, my score of 65 equals 130 for a 50m pool. An excellent swimmer would manage 70¬†apparently, proving the fact I’m not particularly efficient yet.

So a good morning’s work, and the next attempt will be backstroke I think, given it’s the only other stroke I can do at the moment, but currently 25m floors me, so some extra training needed.

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